December 10 - 2021

'The Terrific Beating of My Heart' & 'Here' appear in Mayhem,

Issue 9, guest edited by Stephanie Christie and Mark Prisco 

at the University of Waikato.


Mayhem can be purchased in independent bookshops or direct

from the Mayhem website.


December 9 - 2021

'To the Middle Child Who Died' appears in the 2021 edition of 

Turbine | Kapohau, edited by Zoe Higgins, Joe Parker, and Charlotte Doyle.


Featuring new poetry from Jane Aitchison, Jane Arthur, Rebecca Ball,

Danny Bultitude, Cadence Chung, Leah Dodd, David Eggleton, Janis

Freegard, Miriama Gemmell, Jordan Hamel, Rebecca Hawkes, Bronte Heron,

Amanda Joshua, Erik Kennedy, Grace Lee, Wes Lee, Jiaqiao Liu, Michael

McLane, Jo Mc Neice, Claire Orchard, Anna Reed, Harry Ricketts,

Sylvan Spring, Rachel Trow, Feana Tu'akoi, Tim Wilson, Dani Yourukova


Turbine | Kapohau is the online literary jounal published by

the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria

University in Wellington.


December 1 - 2021

'Cicadas' appears in Up Flynn Road, across Cook Strait, through

the Magellanic Cloud. A New Zealand anthology of poetry on the theme 

of travel, edited by Norman P. Franke.


"These poems travel through places of wound and asylum, solace

and camouflage, whakapapa and grief, through places of reef

and yesterday, wreck and tide. Everywhere they go they draw

the stations of our human search in glistening fallen detail." 

— Tracey Slaughter


The anthology can be purchased through Poppies bookshop, Hamilton.


November 25 - 2021

'A girl dies each night on TV' appears in Not Very Quiet: 2017-2021

edited by Moya Pacey and Sandra Renew, published by Recent Work Press

in Canberra.


Featuring poetry from: Cassandra Atherton, Oakley Ayden, Magdalena

Ball, J V Birch, Wendy BooydeGraaff, Emily Bourke, Devika Brendon,

Michelle Brock, Lisa Brockwell, Denise Burton, Monica Carroll, Anne

Casey, Jhilam Chattaraj, Eileen Chong, Emilie Collyer, Jennifer Compton,

PS Cottier, MTC Cronin, Jan Dean, Tricia Dearborn, Sally Denshire,

Moyra Donaldson, Jane Downing, Natasha Dust, Eugenie Edquist, Anne

Elvey, Diane Fahey, Amelia Fielden, Ellie Fisher, Anna Forsyth, Jane

Frank, Irina Frolova, Kathryn Fry, Sophie Furlong Tighe, Allison Goldstein,

Hazel Hall, Kristin Hannaford, Michelle Hartman, Dominique Hecq, Gail

Hennessy, Jill Jones, Michaela Keeble, Kathy Kituai, Kimberly Lambright,

Robyn Lance, Penelope Layland, Nellie Le Beau, Wes Lee, Rosanna Licari,

Miriam Wei Wei Lo, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Kate Lumley, Julie Maclean,

Jacqui Malins, Sameeya Maqbool, Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, Victoria

McGrath, Kate Miller, Rosalind Moran, Lizz Murphy, K A Nelson, Gemma

Nethercote Way, Nadia Niaz, jenni nixon, Jilly O’Brien, Denise O’Hagan,

Rosa O’Kane, Moya Pacey, Christine Paice, Anita Patel, Yvonne G Patterson,

Sue Peachey, Meredith Pitt, Vanessa Proctor, Donna Pucciani, KA Rees,

Sandra Renew, Sarah Rice, Marka Rifat, Danielle Rose, Michele Seminara,

Ellen Shelley, Melinda Smith, Abeir Soukieh, Gerry Stewart, Sarah St

Vincent Welch, Carmel Summers, Robyn Sykes, Lesley Synge, Gillian Telford,

Helen Thurloe, Catherine Trundle, Anna Veprinska, Maggie Wang, Susan

Wardell, Jen Webb, Irene Wilkie, Sophia Wilson, Jena Woodhouse. 


Not Very Quiet is available in independent bookstores in Australia

and can be purchased direct from Recent Works Press.


November 20 - 2021

'A book is beauty: a book is a shelf, a wall, a home', appears in 

'More than a roof: Housing, in poems and prose', edited by Adrienne Jansen,

Joan Begg, Rebecca Chester, Wesley Hollis, Roman Ratcliff, and launched

in Wellington at the Wesley Hall in Taranaki Street, by Landing Press.


'A house, a home, to be homeless, to be at home in the world…

I guarantee you’ll be moved by the stories in this collection, lavish

in its multiplicity of voices. It’s beautiful and heart-warming,

and at times it will move you to tears. A wonderful read.' 

– Bernadette Hall


'Each poem lets us in to a personal viewpoint and narrative that

gently and inevitably leads to a self-reflection of what makes up our

own home. A welcome respite to the endless editorials on the housing crisis

and who is to blame.' – Vic Crockford and David Zussman,

Community Housing Aotearoa


'More than a roof: Housing, in poems and prose', is available in

independent bookstores and direct from Landing Press.


November 19 - 2021

Accepted for publication in the 2021 edition of Turbine | Kapohau 

the online jounal published by the International Institute of Modern

Letters at Victoria University in Wellington.


'Turbine | Kapohau is an online literary journal published annually 

since 2001.'


The 2021 issue of Turbine will launch in early December.


November 15 - 2021

Shortlisted for the 2021 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize

judged by John Allison. 

The 2021 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize is offered by 

Takahē magazine.


Founded in Christchurch in 1989, Takahē magazine publishes

short stories, poetry and art, as well as essays, interviews,

and book reviews.


November 1 - 2021

'University' appears in Landfall 242 edited by Lynley Edmeades.


Landfall 242 features new poetry from: Ruth Arnison, Wanda Barker,

Owen Bullock, Nathaniel Calhoun, Medb Charleton, Ruth Corkill,

Molly Crighton, Mark Edgecombe, David Eggleton, Summer Gooding,

Michael Hall, Trevor Hayes, Jenna Heller, Bronte Heron, Hayley

Rata Heyes, Zoë Higgins, Lily Holloway, Erik Kennedy, Megan

Kitching, Wes Lee, Mary Macpherson, Frankie McMillan, Vana Manasiadis,

Cilla McQueen, Rebecca Nash, Janet Newman, Claire Orchard,

Robyn Maree Pickens, Hayden Pyke, Derek Schulz, Antonia Smith,

Elizabeth Smither, Nicola Thorstensen, Richard von Sturmer,

Sophia Wilson, E Wen Wong, Sebastien Woolf, Nicholas Wright.


'Landfall is New Zealand’s foremost and longest running arts and

literary journal. Published by Otago University Press, it showcases

new fiction, poetry, essays and cultural commentary.' 

— Otago University Press


Landfall 242 is available in independent bookshops and direct from 

Otago University Press.


October 28 - 2021

Accepted for publication in Mayhem, Issue 9, guest edited by 

Stephanie Christie and Mark Prisco at the University of Waikato.


Mayhem, Issue 9, will launch in November.


October 9 - 2021

'Objects' appears in Abridged 0 — 78: Judgement, edited by Gregory

McCartney and Susanna Galbraith, in Northern Ireland.


Featuring new work from: Skye Loneragan, Daniel Szalai, Michelle

Dennehy, Louis Heilbronn, Gerard Beirne, Jefferson Caine Lankford,

Howard Wright, Elena Helfrecht, Gerald Dawe, Alan Silvester, Mark

Russell, Natalia Kepesz, David Hay, Louie Palu, Wes Lee, Price

Harrison, Julie Hogg, Piotr Zwarycz, Aoife Mannix, Martin Toft,

Ruth Annett, Synchrodogs, Fernando Smith, Manon Ouimet, Kelli Allen,

Enda Burke, Kitty Donnelly, Eoin Rogers, Liam Campbell, Bern Bulter,

John Baucher, Miguel Cullen, Ann Leahy, Edward Lee, Joanna Grant,

Paola Bernardelli, Charlie Baylis, and Conor McFeely.


October 7 - 2021

Longlisted for the 2021 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize judged by 

John Allison. 

The 2021 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize is offered by Takahē magazine.


Founded in Christchurch in 1989, Takahē magazine publishes short stories,

poetry and art, as well as essays, interviews, and book reviews.


September 27 - 2021

Accepted for publication in Landfall 242. Selected by the

new editor Lynley Edmeades.


'Landfall is New Zealand’s foremost and longest running

arts and literary journal. Published by Otago University

Press, it showcases new fiction, poetry, essays and cultural

commentary.' — Otago University Press


Landfall 242 will launch in November.


September 13 - 2021

'Weighted' & 'Nothing Ironic' appear in Fresh Ink:

A Collection Of Voices From Aotearoa New Zealand 2021,

edited by Bronwyn Calder, and published by Cloud Ink Press

in Auckland.


'Fresh Ink: A Collection Of Voices From Aotearoa New Zealand

2021 presents the varied voices of New Zealand writers

as they respond to the experience of Covid-19 that has

touched us all in some way. Established and award-winning

authors sit alongside some lively 'fresh ink' from previously

unpublished voices. The third in this popular series.'


Featuring new writing fromCrispin Anderlini,

Tom Baragwanath, Bronwyn Calder, Brent Cantwell,

Janet Charman, Alastair Clarke, Lilla Csorgo,

Michelle Elvy, Kim Fulton, Nicholas Fairclough,

Norman Franke, Michael Giacon, Pamela Gordon,

Michael Gould, Siobhan Harvey, Trevor Hayes,

Thalia Henry, Lily Holloway, Peta Hudson,

Amanda Hurley, Adrienne Jansen, Stacey Kokaua,

Wes Lee, Helen McNeil, Jenni Mandeno, Zoë Meager,

Khadro Mohamed, Keith Nunes, Gerard O’Brien,

Jackson C. Payne, Kirsty Powell, Jenny Purchase,

Pepper Raccoon, Vaughan Rapatahana, Jess Richards,

Dougal Rillstone, Ruth Russ, Comfrey Sanders,

Sarah Scott, Taarn Scott, Ila Selwyn, Erica Stretton,

Miliama Tapusoa, Kirsteen Ure, Sophia Wilson

and Pippi Woolston.


“Hopeful, heart-breaking, and sometimes humorous,

the stories and poems in Fresh Ink 2021 explore

and expose the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on

individuals, communities, and across the world.

The writing is shining and beautiful, the threads

of meaning run deep, and we are reminded of the

challenges faced, the losses, the discoveries,

and of the way we are all connected.” — Sue Emms


September 10 - 2021

Accepted for publication in Abridged 0 — 78: Judgement,

edited by Gregory McCartney and Susanna Galbraith

in Northern Ireland.


'Abridged aims to publish and exhibit contemporary/

experimental poetry plus contemporary art. We encourage

poets/artists to investigate the articulation of 

‘Abridged’ themes. These themes focus on contemporary

concerns in a rapidly changing society. We are offering

an alternative and complete integration of poetry, art

and design. We experiment continually. We also stray

into the exhibition format producing contemporary,

innovative and challenging work accompanied by a free



Abridged 0 — 78: Judgement will launch in late September.


Abridged is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


August 27 - 2021

'Airbnb Weekend' appears in Fast Fibres Poetry 8, launched

as part of Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day.


Fast Fibres Poetry Collective's eighth collection is edited by 

Piet Nieuwland & Olivia Macassey.


The collection is available to purchase through the Fast Fibres 

Poetry Collective.


July 2 - 2021

'New Year: Discharged' appears in Poetry and Covid, an Arts

and Humanities Research Council funded project, aiming to share

poems and spark discussion around poetry and pandemics, edited

by Anthony Caleshu and Rory Waterman at the University of

Plymouth and Nottingham Trent University.


May 16 - 2021

'And I Suppose Poems Could Be Miniature Rooms (each time you begin

with the hope of creation)' appears in Landfall 241 edited

by Emma Neale.


Landfall 241 features new poetry by: Tom Weston, Joy Tong, Rowan Taigel,

Tim Saunders, Chris Price, Joanna Preston, Claire Orchard, James McNaughton,

Ria Masae, Talia Marshall, Bill Manhire, Wes Lee, Wen-Juenn Lee, Brent

Kininmont, Erik Kennedy, Claudia Jardine, Lily Holloway, Chris Holdaway,

Michael Harlow, Trisha Hanifin, Jordan Hamel, Alison Glenny, Ben Egerton,

Alison Denham, Mary Cresswell, Ruth Corkill, Cadence Chung, Stephanie Burt,

Owen Bullock, Diana Bridge, Peter Belton, David Beach, Rebecca Ball, Philip

Armstrong, Joanna Aitchison.


'Landfall is New Zealand’s foremost and longest running arts and literary 

journal. Published by Otago University Press, it showcases new fiction,

poetry, essays and cultural commentary.'


Landfall 241 is available in independent bookshops and direct from 

Otago University Press.


May 15 - 2021

'New Year: Discharged' appears in Love In The Time Of Covid: A Chronicle

of a Pandemic, edited by Witi Ihimaera & Michelle Elvy.


'The project's aim is to offer an unprecedented opportunity for voices

all over the world to share, in quality fiction and non-fiction, poetry

and dialogue, art and music and more, the collective experiences of the

international community during COVID.' — Witi Ihimaera & Michelle Elvy


April 23 - 2021

'I had never seen you so open' appears in 'Ten poems about

clouds', edited by Paula Green on NZ Poetry Shelf.


Poems by: Bill Manhire, Jane Arthur, Morgan Bach, Tayi Tibble,

Johanna Aitchison, Tusiata Avia, Wes Lee, Helen Jacobs,

E Wen Wong, and Amy Brown.


April 9 - 2021

Shortlisted for The Inaugural NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press

Prize 2021.


The shortlisted writers are: Joanna Aitchison, Tom Baragwanath,

James Norcliffe, Lizzie Harwood, and Wes Lee.


'The NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press Prize is an exciting new prize

which celebrates the life and work of the writer Laura Solomon.

The prize is judged within the criteria set by Laura Solomon

for new writing with a 'unique and original vision.'


There were 89 applications for the prize, 5 manuscripts have been

selected for the shortlist by the judging panel of Tina Shaw 

and Ruby Porter.


We saw an inspiring range of work in the applications and a range

that explored many different genres and themes. It is exciting

to see such creativity is alive and well in Aotearoa's

writing scene.’ — Tina Shaw & Ruby Porter


The five shortlisted entries will now go to the final judging panel

(the panel consists of Tina Shaw, a representative from Cuba Press

and a representative from the Solomon family). 


The winner will be announced at the beginning of May.


March 18 - 2021

Accepted for publication in Landfall 241, edited by Emma Neale.


'Landfall is New Zealand’s foremost and longest running arts and

literary journal. Published by Otago University Press, it showcases

new fiction, poetry, essays and cultural commentary.'

— Otago University Press


Landfall 241 will launch in May.


March 13 - 2021

Accepted for publication in Fresh Ink: A Collection Of Voices

In Aotearoa 2021, published by Cloud Ink Press in Auckland.


'The year 2020 has been – among many significant experiences –

the year of the Coronavirus. What are we as both individuals

and as collective society to make of the wider and deeper effects,

beyond the health crisis itself? How can writers and storytellers,

across multiple forms, address the human aspects of the Covid-19 crisis,

its effects, both personal and societal, and its legacy?

Can we make sense of this traumatic experience through the creative use

of language, characterisation, and images?' — Cloud Ink Press


The collection will launch in September.


March 11 - 2021

'Again' appears in the Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2021, edited by

Tracey Slaughter, and launched at Poppies Bookshop, Hamilton,

on March 11 by Massey University Press. 


'The packed Issue #55 features 180 new poems — including by this

year's featured poet, Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor and by John Allison,

Stephanie Christie, Michele Leggott, Wes Lee, Elizabeth Morton,

David Eggleton, Bob Orr and Kiri Piahana-Wong — and essays and extensive

reviews of new poetry collections.' — Massey University Press


Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2021 can be purchased from Whitcoulls 

and independent bookstores around New Zealand, or direct

from Massey University Press.


March 11 - 2021

'By the Lapels' is reviewed by Elizabeth Morton in the Poetry New Zealand

Yearbook 2021, edited by Tracey Slaughter, and launched at Poppies

Bookshop, Hamilton, on March 11 by Massey University Press.


'This is poetry that is emphatic in its capacity to endure. It is the song

playing on the car wireless, which greets the first-responders at the scene

of a crash. It is witness and black-box . . . Wes Lee's collection strips

sentiment right down to its agonised nerves. It is the brutal, beautiful

crash-landing into the world, the terror of a newsfeed, the animal who has

'seen too much: imprinted / on her retinas' . . . Pain is something to carry,

and Lee carries it elegantly, and with fierce instinct. The determination

is dogged, vital, and excruciating . . . In a literary scene increasingly

fronted by the gaudy and the cynical, these words quake the pages with

their truth.' — Elizabeth Morton


Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2021 can be purchased from Whitcoulls 

and independent bookstores around New Zealand, or direct

from Massey University Press.