December 15 - 2022

'Wearing Today' appears in the 2022 edition of Turbine / Kapohau 

edited by Nafanua Purcell Kersel, Jackie Lee Morrison, Jenny Nimon.


Turbine | Kapohau is the online literary journal published by the 

International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University/Te Herenga 

Waka in Wellington.


December 15 - 2022

'Retinal Camera' appears in Mayhem Issue 10, guest edited by Elizabeth Morton 

and Dadon Rowell, at the University of Waikato.


Issue 10 can be purchased here.


December 11 - 2022


Awarded the Heroines/Joyce Parkes Women's Writing Prize 2022 

in New South Wales, Australia.


The award of $1000 for prose and $1000 for poetry is offered by 

Neo Perennial Press, and sponsored by Australian poet Joyce Parkes.


The prize giving was scheduled to take place at the yearly Heroines 

Festival in the beachside town of Coledale in New South Wales on 

November 6th, unfortunately the festival was cancelled due to unforeseen 

circumstances, but will be rescheduled for early 2023.


The annual Heroines anthology Vol 4 containing the winning, shortlisted, 

and longlisted poems and prose, published by Neo Perennial Press 

and edited by Sarah Nicholson, can be purchased in independent bookstores 

throughout Australia, Amazonand direct through Neo Perennial Press



December 6 - 2022

Runner-up in the 2022 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize judged by 

Airini Beautrais.


The 2022 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize is offered by Takahē magazine. 


Founded in Christchurch in 1989, Takahē magazine publishes short stories, 

poetry and art, as well as essays, interviews, and book reviews.


December 1 - 2022



'Hyacinths' appears in Abridged 0-92 'The Violet Hour', edited 

by Gregory McCartney and Susanna Galbraith, and launched in Belfast 

at the Golden Thread Gallery.


The Violet Hour riffs on T.S. Eliot's 'The Wasteland':


'The violet hour conjures a brief world in which we don't know how 

to say what we mean, the light of which doesn't fit into our language 

though it presses us for a response... Photographers linger here, 

trying to see, to stop, to stay. In the violet hour we are waiting, 

expectantly waiting, though we are suddenly no longer sure what we are 

waiting for. The violet hour is a wasteland. And if April is cruel, 

December is violet.' — Abridged


'Abridged aims to publish and exhibit contemporary/ experimental 

poetry plus contemporary art. We encourage poets/artists to 

investigate the articulation of ‘Abridged’ themes. These themes 

focus on contemporary concerns in a rapidly changing society. 

We are offering an alternative and complete integration of poetry, 

art and design. We experiment continually. We also stray into 

the exhibition format producing contemporary, innovative and 

challenging work accompanied by a free publication.'


Abridged literary journal is supported by The Arts Council 

of Northern Ireland.


November 26 - 2022

'If You Had Died Slowly' appears in fourW thirty-three, the annual 

anthology of new writing, edited by David Gilbey and launched 

at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on November 26th, and at Gleebooks

in Sydney on December 3rd.


FourW is published by the Booranga Writers Centre at Charles Sturt 

University in New South Wales, Australia.



November 15 - 2022

Three poems appear in Blackmail Press, Issue 45 launched 

in Auckland, and edited by Doug Poole. 


'Founded in 2001, Blackmail Press’s impetus is to promote 

New Zealand poetry and to provide an environment for 

New Zealand poets to share their work, presenting an eclectic range 

of voices from Aotearoa and abroad.’


November 8 - 2022

Shortlisted for the 2022 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize 

judged by Airini Beautrais.


The 2022 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize is offered by 

Takahē magazine. 


Founded in Christchurch in 1989, Takahē magazine publishes 

short stories, poetry and art, as well as essays, interviews, 

and book reviews.


October 3 - 2022

'On this month’s episode of The Stinging Fly Podcast, new host 

Nicole Flattery is joined by novelist and poet Susannah Dickey, 

to read and discuss a short story 'How They Live Now' by Wes Lee, 

which first appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of the magazine, 

guest edited by Sally Rooney.'


The Stinging Fly Podcast invites Irish writers to choose a story

from the Stinging Fly archive to read and discuss.


Susannah Dickey grew up in Derry and now lives in Belfast. She 

is the author of two novels, Tennis Lessons (2020) and Common Decency 

(2022) and three poetry pamphlets, I had some very slight concerns (2017), 

genuine human values (2018) and bloodthirsty for marriage (2020). 

Her poetry has been published in AmbitThe White ReviewPoetry Ireland 

Review and Magma, amongst others.


Nicole Flattery is a writer and critic. Her story collection 

Show Then A Good Time was published by The Stinging Fly and Bloomsbury 

in 2019. Her first novel, Nothing Special, will be published 

by Bloomsbury in March 2023.


September 23 - 2022

Shortlisted for the NZSA Peter & Dianne Beatson Fellowship 2022.


An annual award of $10,000 open to mid-career and senior New Zealand 

writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama who are currently 

working on a new project.


September 16 - 2022

Shortlisted for the Alastair Reid Pamphlet Prize 2022 in the UK, 

judged by Vahni Capildeo.


The Alastair Reid Pamphlet Prize is offered by the Wigtown Book Festival 

in Scotland, the winning pamphlet is designed and illustrated by 

Gerry Cambridge.


The winner will be announced at the Wigtown Book Festival in Scotland 

on October 1.


Excellent pamphlets by past winners are available here: A Book of Days 

by Claire Cox (2020)Jawbreaker by Jane McKie (2021).


September 16 - 2022

Shortlisted for the 2022 Booranga Prize for Best Poem, the prize is offered 

by the Booranga Writers Centre at Charles Sturt University in 

New South Wales, Australia.


The winning and selected poems will appear in fourW the annual anthology 

of new writing, edited by David Gilbey. The anthology will be launched at 

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on November 26th, and at Gleebooks in Sydney 

on December 3rd.


September 11 - 2022

'Thinking About My Corpse' appears in You Again: A Book of Love-Hate 

Stories edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone, and launched by 

Sidekick books as part of the Hipflask Series in London.


'Sidekick books is an award winning publisher of hybrid and 

experimental multi-author treasuries and pamphlets. Our books 

have been nominated for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry, 

been featured in The Guardian and BBC Wildlife Magazine, and won 

the Sabouteur Award for Best Collaboration. We believe the most 

interesting place to start is at the edges, on the borders 

between things.'


You Again: A Book of Love-Hate Stories contains works by 

Emily Brontë, G.K. Chesterton, Claire Crowther, Lara Frankena, 

Caroline Gilfillan, Nathanial Hawthorne, Ramona Herdman, 

Wes Lee, Julia Rose Lewis, A.A. Milne, Claire Orchard, Ovid, 

Henry T. Riley, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Sappho, Mary Shelley, 

and Paul Stephenson.


The anthology can be purchased in independent bookshops 

throughout the UK and direct from Sidekick books.


September 1 - 2022

'In Magazines' appears in The North, issue 68, guest edited 

by Andrew McMillan and Stephanie Sy-Quia


One of the UK's leading literary magazines, The North is published 

by The Poetry Business in Sheffield. 


Issue 68 is available for pre-order here.


August 21 - 2022

3 poems appear in NOON: Journal of the Short Poem, Summer Issue 21/22, 

edited by Philip Rowland, and launched in Tokyo.


August 13 - 2022

Longlisted for The AUB International Poetry Prize 2022

offered by the Arts University Bournemouth in the UK, 

and judged by Glyn Maxwell.


The longlisted poems will be published in the celebratory 

anthology to be launched on October 7th at the 

Arts University Bournemouth.


August 9 - 2022

Longlisted for The Liquid Amber 2022 Poetry Prize in Melbourne, 

judged by Anne M. Carson and Rose Lucas.


The longlisted poems will appear in Poetry of Encounter: 

The Liquid Amber Prize Anthology published by Liquid Amber Press 

in December.


August 2 - 2022

Shortlisted for the Heroines/Joyce Parkes Women's Writing Award 2022 

for poetry and short fiction.


The winner will be announced on November 6th at the Heroines Festival

in New South Wales, Australia, where the Heroines Anthology Vol. 4, 

will launch, published by Neo Perennial Press and edited by 

Sarah Nicholson and Lore White.


The shortlisted writers in the Short Fiction category are 

Clare Testoni, Wes Lee, and Kyla St Jaye.


July 23 - 2022

'Four sonnets' appear in The WEE Book of Sonnets, edited by 

Jack Caradoc, and published by Dreich Publishing in Dunfermline, 

Fife, Scotland.


New writing by Ben Brodie, Paul Brookes, Peter Burrows, Blair Center, 

Ravichandra P. Chittampalli, George Colkitto, Seth Crook, Vince Drewer, 

Catherine Funson, Ged Groves, Tony Hill, Sally James, Caroline Johnstone, 

Wes Lee, Louise Longson, Nina Parmenter, James Penha, Tonnie Richmond,

and Clint Waistling


The chapbook can be purchased here.


July 7 - 2022

Longlisted for the 2022 Heroines Anthology & 2022 Heroines/Joyce 

Parkes Women's Writing Award for poetry and short fiction.


Longlisted entries will be published in this year's Heroines Anthology 

Vol. 4, published by Neo Perennial Press in Australia and edited 

by Sarah Nicholson and Lore White.


The anthology will launch in November at the Heroines Festival.


July 1 - 2022

'To Squander Life' appears in Meniscus Volume 10: Issue 1 

at the University of Canberra, edited by Jen Webb and Deb Wain.


‘Meniscus is an online literary journal published by the Australasian 

Association of Writing Programs (AAWP). Its aim is to provide a showcase 

for the best in contemporary international writing.’


The editors and advisory board are based in Australia, 

New Zealand and the UK, and welcome submissions from writers 

anywhere in the world.


‘Meniscus publishes high quality, innovative poetry, short fiction, 

and creative essays in English, or in other languages with a 

good parallel translation.’


June 11 - 2022

'Women's Studies circa 1986' appears in the Irish literary journal 

Southword, edited by Patrick Cotter.


'Southword is a literary journal featuring poems, fiction and reviews 

and published biannually by the Munster Literature Centre. Southword has 

published the likes of Haruki Murakami, Martín Espada, Tess Gallagher, 

Medbh McGuckian, Helen Ivory, Philip Gross, James Lasdun, Brian Turner, 

Kim Addonizio, Billy Collins, Colm Toibín and Vona Groarke.'


Southword is available in bookstores throughout Ireland 

or can be purchased online.


May 23 - 2022

Accepted for publication in NOON: Journal of the Short Poem, Issue 21, 

in Tokyo, edited by Philip Rowland.


Issue 21 will launch in the Tokyo summer.


April 30 - 2022

Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022 reviewed on NZ Poetry Shelf 

by Paula Green.


Featured poet: Wes Lee... 'The poems walk on a precarious edge of living. 

They scratch and lash, they tilt you as read. You body surf on currents 

of memory, trauma, the personal.' — Paula Green


April 8 - 2022

Shortlisted for The NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press Prize 2022.


The shortlisted writers are: Philippa Werry, Rachel Fenton, 

Wes Lee, Jacqueline Owens, and Murray Edmond.


'The NZSA Laura Solomon Cuba Press Prize celebrates the life 

and work of the writer Laura Solomon. The prize is judged 

within the criteria set by Laura Solomon for new writing 

with a 'unique and original vision.'


5 manuscripts have been selected for the shortlist by Tina Shaw 

and Gigi Fenster.


The five shortlisted entries will now go to the final judging panel 

(the panel consists of Tina Shaw, a representative from Cuba Press 

and a representative from the Solomon family). 


The winner will be announced in June.


March 31 - 2022

'The Terrific Beating of My Heart' appears in Best New Zealand Poems 2021 

selected by Kate Camp.


Featuring poems by Fleur Adcock, Nick Ascroft, Serie Barford, Emma Barnes, 

Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Danny Bultitude, Sam Duckor-Jones, Alison Glenny, Gus 

Goldsack, Tim Grgec, Dinah Hawken, Lily Holloway, Ash Davida Jane, Pippi 

Jean, Anne Kennedy, Wes Lee, Mary Macpherson, Alice Miller, Joanna Preston,

Harry Ricketts, Tim Saunders, Ruby Solly, Tim Upperton, Bryan Walpert, 

and John Weir.


'The Terrific Beating of My Heart ... A perfect miniature.'

— Kate Camp


'Ōrongohau: Best New Zealand Poems is published annually by the International 

Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University in Wellington, and aims to 

introduce readers — especially internationally — to leading contemporary New 

Zealand poets. Each year we publish 25 poems from recent literary magazines and 

poetry collections, where possible including notes about and by the poet, as 

well as links to related publishing and literary websites. ' — Chris Price


March 30 - 2022

'What Remains' appears in We’re All In It Together: Poems 

for a DisUnited Kingdom, launched at the Huddersfield Literature 



Edited by Michael Stewart, Steve Ely & Kayleigh Campbell, 

the anthology is published by Grist Books at the University 

of Huddersfield.


Featuring new poems from: Joelle Taylor, Safia Khan, Ashley 

Hickson-Lovence, Natalie Holborow, Rory Waterman, Ian Duhig, 

Jo Clement, Ben Willems, Gaia Holmes, Kirsten MacGillivray, 

Gerry Cambridge, Alberto Fernandez Carbajal, Andrew Owen, 

Anne Caldwell, Ben Banyard, Atar Hadari, Betsie Flynn, Safia Khan, 

Pàdraig MacAoidh, Peter Mackay, Bob Beagrie, Jim Greenhalf,

Cathy Bryant, Charlotte Murray, Dave Wakely, Gary Allen, 

Michael Stewart, Georgia Hilton, Geraldine Clarkson, Glyn Edwards, 

Gregory Woods, Jack Faricy, Jennifer Johnson, Joe Allen, 

John Newsham, Kerry Featherstone, Steve Ely, Kevin Higgins, 

Mark Connors, Nick Allen, Penny Blackburn, Robin Gurney, 

Sharon Philips, Simon Mansfield, William Thirsk-Gaskell, Wes Lee, 

Fay Chambers, Mia Rayson Regan, Sam Higson-Blythe, Matt Hill, 

Rosalind York, Kayleigh Campbell, Aamina Khan, Suna Afshan


The anthology willl be available to purchase in independent 

bookshops throughout the UK. And online at Fox Lane Books.


March 22 - 2022

Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022, reviewed by Erica Stretton 

in Kete: New books from Aotearoa.


'This edition's featured poet, Wes Lee, shows the reader many worlds 

nestled in her 21 pieces ... She unflinchingly uses words as a scalpel 

to eviscerate "low-key, incidental, domestic" incidents, exposing their 

bloodied internals ... Her poems explore many facets of the human condition 

but I was most drawn to those focused intently on the body, mesmerised 

by the razor-sharp attention to detail.' — Erica Stretton


March 14 - 2022

Featured poet in the Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022, edited by 

Tracey Slaughter and launched by Massey University Press.


'The packed issue #56 features 130 new poems — including by this year’s 

featured poet, Wes Lee, and by David Eggleton, Janet Newman, Amber Esau, 

Elizabeth Morton, Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor, Alistair Paterson, 

essa may ranapiri, Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Iain Britton, Jordan Hamel, 

Jack Ross, Dominic Hoey, Owen Bullock, Semira Davis, Rata Gordon, 

Adrienne Jansen, Olivia Macassey, Vaughan Rapatahana, and Kerrin P Sharpe'

— Massey University Press


'A Wes Lee poem is a detonation — you don’t come away from it untouched. 

Readers may already be aware of her fierce, indelible, unflinching writing, 

as Wes has been publishing searing work for a number of years, both here 

and overseas — these poems are yet more call to get excited about one of 

Aotearoa’s most distinctive, hard-hitting voices.' — Tracey Slaughter


The Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022 is available in bookstores throughout 

New Zealand and can be purchased direct from Massey University Press.


February 22 - 2022

'A sugarsticky girl' appears in Breach of all Size: Small stories 

on Ulysses, love and Venice, edited by Michelle Elvy and Marco Sanzogni, 

published by The Cuba Press, in Wellington.


'Thirty-six Aotearoa writers were asked to write love stories

set in Venice and inspired by words from James Joyce's Ulysses.'


Featuring new writing from: Anita Arlov, Ben Brown, Diane Brown, 

Gina Cole, Rijula Das, Lynley Edmeades, Alison Glenny, Trish Gribben, 

Jordan Hamel, Jenna Heller, Lloyd Jones, Anne Kennedy, Erik Kennedy, 

Fiona Kidman, Kerry Lane, Wes Lee, Renee Liang, Emer Lyons, 

Becky Manawatu, S J Mannion, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Paula Morris, 

Emma Neale, James Norcliffe, Karen Phillips, Patrick Pink, Sudha Rao, 

Renée, Harry Ricketts, Jack Ross, Tracey Slaughter, Apirana Taylor,

Catherine Trundle, Hester Ullyart, Ian Wedde, Sophia Wilson. 


The book will be launched on June 16 at Unity Books in Wellington,

and is available to purchase in independent bookstores and direct

from The Cuba Press.


February 14 - 2022

Accepted for publication in 'You Again: A Book of Love-Hate 

Stories' edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone, and published 

by Sidekick books in the UK.


'Sidekick books is an award winning publisher of hybrid and 

experimental multi-author treasuries and pamphlets. Our books 

have been nominated for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work 

in Poetry, been featured in The Guardian and BBC Wildlife Magazine

and won the Sabouteur Award for Best Collaboration. We believe 

the most interesting place to start is at the edges, on the 

borders between things.'


'You Again: A Book of Love-Hate Stories' will be launched as

part of the Hipflask Series in April.


February 3 - 2022

Accepted for publication in the Irish literary journal Southword.


'Southword is a literary journal featuring poems, fiction and 

reviews and published biannually by the Munster Literature Centre. 

Southword has published the likes of Haruki Murakami, Martín Espada, 

Tess Gallagher, Medbh McGuckian, Helen Ivory, Philip Gross, James 

Lasdun, Brian Turner, Kim Addonizio, Billy Collins, Colm Toibín 

and Vona Groarke.'


Southword 42 will be launched in the Irish spring.


January 27 - 2022

Accepted for publication in 'The WEE Book of Sonnets' 

published by Dreich Publishing in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.


The chapbook will be launched later this year.


January 20 - 2022

'After the Funeral: Three Paperweights' appears in issue 15 

of Skylight 47, edited by Bernie Crawford, Nicki Griffin, 

Ruth Quinlan, and launched by poet and playwright Deirdre Hines 

at Over The Edge's Open Reading to celebrate their 19th birthday.


Skylight 47 was established in 2013 and appears in a newspaper 

format twice a year in Galway, Ireland.


January 7 - 2022

Acepted for publication in ‘We’re All In It Together: 

Poems for a DisUnited Kingdom’, published by Grist Books 

at the University of Huddersfield.


The anthology will be launched on March 30 at the Huddersfield 

Literature Festival. 

There will be a short tour of the book at various venues 

across the UK.